•  2004 - 2023 Face FS Sculptures

    All the sculptures of the artist are prsented in the same gallery. For him, sculpture is not the main medium. the sculptures intervene in singular projects. However, the artist likes the aura, the monumentality that emerges from it, as much as the totemic dimension that it can conceal.

    This set consists of seven works (in order of appearance) :

    • Face FS Kl (steel, reinforced concrete, glass, light - 300x300x300 cm), is the reconstitution of a concentration camp perimenter.

    • Face FS Farglivert (steel, paint, resin, light - 350x300x150 cm), is a red portico from which fall frozen tears reminiscent of the "Sonderkommando" (réf "Voice Under the Ashes", Auschwitz).

    • Face FSx Aborted (glas, oil or formaldehyde, rhodoïd), are portraits drowned in formaldehyde like aborted souls...

    • face FS145 Dark Water (steel, resin, paint - 80x60x30 cm), a human on a boat sinking into the waves of a sea of steel, from which the heads of drowned humans emerge.

    • Face FS Blood, sweat, and tears ( 38x25x12 cm), an art book in aluminium and feathers where a hundred works form  a catalog.

    • Face FS la châsse de l'Homme (steel, resin, light, fabrics, paint - 160x70x50 cm), is a shrine on the model of the shrine of the Middle Ages, presenting a reliquary.

    • Face FS Ash Sweetness (glass, clay, feathers - 30x18 cm), is a small sculpture presenting a shrunken head in a nest installed in a candy box.